Senior Graphics Programmer

Vital is looking to hire a senior programmer to help in the creation of our new game technology platform. Applicants should be excited and willing to work in a very collaborative and iterative work environment where each person is empowered to take ideas and shape them, evolve them, and make them their own. We’re looking for people who enjoy a high level of ownership and thrive in this setting.

Required Skills

  • 3+ years of C / C++
  • Math skills
  • Windows
  • Visual Studio
  • Ability to work collaboratively with engineers, artists, designers and producers

Skills we’re looking for

  • Rendering technology using Vulkan and/or DX12
  • hlsl / glsl
  • Compute shaders
  • OpenCL


  • Write C++, shader language code, and GPGPU programming for graphical systems
  • Help with other engineering tasks as needed
  • Participate in system design brainstorming and planning
  • Work alongside and learn from fellow engineers
  • Collaborate and communicate with the art and design teams
  • Participate in code reviews, both for you and others

Bonus skills

  • Python, C#
  • CUDA
  • Qt
  • Linux
  • Experience with any type of version control (P4, Git, etc.)

On a side note: being able to explain your work using TinkerToys would be much appreciated

Send an email to with a cover letter, resume, and link to your portfolio.